A Topical Guide to the Personal History

“Annotations, Explanations, Speculations, and Glimpses Behind the Curtain”

Mark Dorset: Mental and Emotional States: Discombobulation; Twins (and Non-Twins); and Epicureanism: Phantasiai and Doxa
Mark Dorset: Historical Personages: Dolores del Rio; Education: High School: Biology: Parts of the Frog; and Personality Characteristics and Emotional…
Mark Dorset: Thinking: Logic and Games: Puzzles: Logic Puzzles
Mark Dorset: Books: Real and Fictional: The Thousand and One Nights; Magic: Magic Words; Interpersonal Behavior: Going Along with the Gag, Going Along…
Mark Dorset: Personality Characteristics and Emotional Stability, Assessing Those of Others; and Personality Characteristics and Emotional Stability…
Mark Dorset: Gadgets: MechanicalTools: Magnifying Glass
Mark Dorset: Comfort, Contentment, and Simple Pleasures
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